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<p> je javno dostopna, a osebna, <span class="moreinfo" title="Gostovano na nastni infrastrukturi">self-hosted</span>
instanca programske opreme <a href="">Gitlab</a> na 🇸🇮 slovenskem omrežju z dodatnimi funkionalnostmi. is a publicly-accessible, but personal, <span class="moreinfo" title="Gostovano na nastni infrastrukturi">self-hosted</span>
instance of the <a href="">Gitlab</a> software on 🇸🇮 slovenian network.
<h2>Uporabljena domena</h2>
<h2>Used domain</h2>
Platforma GitPlac uporablja domeno <code></code>. Avtomatizirana email sporočila so poslana iz naslovov
<code></code> ter <code></code>. Uporabljeni sta tudi domeni <code></code> za
sistem <a href="./pages.html">Pages</a>, ter <code></code> za postavitev ter gostovanje izbranih projektov.
GitPlac uses the <code></code> domain. Automated emails are send from addresses <code></code> and
<code></code>. Domains <code></code> and <code></code> are also used for hosting
<a href="./pages.html">Pages</a>, and for deployment of select projects.
<h2>Platforme, funkionalnosti ter specifike</h2>
<h2>Platforms, functionalities and specifics</h2>
<div class="cols">
<dt>Uporabniški računi</dt>
<dd>Na platformi si lahko ustvari uporabniški račun kdorkoli, a bo uporabniški račun ob registraciji onemogočen
za uporabo in mora biti omogočen s strani <span class="moreinfo" title="Trenutno le Aljaž S.">administratorja
<dt>User accounts</dt>
<dd>Anyone can create their own account on GitPlac, which will be disabled upon signup until approved by an
<span class="moreinfo" title="Currently Aljaž S.">administrator</span>. This setup is used to limit the possibility of abuse.
<dd>Večina dodatnih servisov ter funkcionalnosti, ki zahtevajo avtentikacijo imajo implementiran sistem prijave z GitPlac
<dd>Most of the additional extenal services and functionalities, which require authentication, use the OpenID system which allows
you to sign in with your gitPlac account. Sort of like the "Sign in with Google" stuff you see around the web.
<dd>Gostovanje statičnih spletnih strani omogoča sistem Gitlab Pages. O njem najdeš več informacij na podstrani
<a href="./pages.html">Pages</a>.</dd>
<dd>Static site hosting runs on a system called Gitlab Pages. Read more about it on the <a href="./pages.html">Pages</a> subpage.</dd>
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